czwartek, 21 lipca 2011

That's just f*** incredible... after 15minutes I'm kicked out from 2 tournaments... how? PartyPoker, almost full starting stack. got AA. one guy raised to 4bb, next guy checked, I re-raised to 21,5bb. both calls. flop was 2J4, two hearts. Both guys checked, i pushed all-in to secure my Aces. Original raiser calls, second guy folded. So what i saw? that OR raised and calls 3bet with 24o. So ok, he have two pairs but I have still chances for third A. i got it. on the river. but there was 4 hearts on board, and this fish had 4h -_-

Poker 770 wasn't better. First major hand i lost AQ vs KK. Happens. Decent hand gets on monster pocket. Had only 150chips left and was waiting on really good hand. Got QQ, went all-in, one guy calls... Shown 66. And if any of you want to tell me that it wasn't bad luck that i have all my life then i don;t know what was that. Flop - JJ6, guy flopped full house and that was over... Damn...

perfect illustration for what i see todays freerol session and how i feel...

4 komentarze:

  1. well, it's a shame you got so unlucky...

  2. You can always try chess. You can't get this type of bad luck there.

  3. wow man, how unlucky :(
    sometimes you are really lucky, but not always...

  4. coll stuff in here! i'll be following