środa, 13 lipca 2011

I've decided to start new blog. This time not about life (writing about my life was more pissing me off than living it) but about my poker games. Now I'm playing freerolls at Everest Poker, Party Poker and Poker770. Sometimes I play cash games on Everest too but... not very often. Have now .6$ so i can't really lure some fish there.

I've started playing poker a year ago, when i registered to PokerStrategy.com and get free 50$ no deposit bonus for one room of my choice. That's how i started to play on Everest Poker. Why i have only .6$ left? I thought that strategies are for dummies and I KNOW how to play poker! I didn't know then and i don't know now, but i know a little bit more than a year ago.

This blog will be about my freeroll results, Everest bankroll swings and sometimes I'm gonna post my hands that really pissed me off. Maybe someone will help, telling me how i should play posted here hand (;

And last thing for now. if you're NOT resident of USA and want to learn play poker on real cash without making any payment, you can register on Poker Strategy from this link:


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