poniedziałek, 25 lipca 2011

Today was a good day. Played 4 freerolls, 3 ended in cash. Profit? 1,26$. I'm mostly proud of one that I ended now. Poker Strategy 100$ freeroll. After 3hours i earned ,54$. Best tournament ever in place/total nr of players. Maybe tommorow I'm gonna play some cash games to make more money from this win (;

piątek, 22 lipca 2011

Holy f*****g s**t! I'm making fun out of any kind of horror movies that I'm watching but 'Insidious'?? This gonna be the only movie that I will remember till end of my life. I was experiencing many strange things at my flat (and yes, I believe in paranormal s**t( but today...

It starts when me and my gf (she's a fan of all horror movies; she bought this DVD cause she thought that it will be great) starts to watch this movie. As always we were pausing it when we trying to tak about nothing or about nonsenses of plot. But in about 1/4 of the movie parents said yeah... 22yo and still live with parents... that's not USA...) that i need to pull of our garbage. Just shut window in my room cause it was getting too cold. When i went to disposal i felt that i need to pee. Stupid thing pee in a disposal but... My family don,t like alcohol. When they smell alcohol from me... I don't like to talk with them about my resistance to alcoholism so i take piss there. When I was finishing, iron door was starting to slowly close behind me. I scared but I escaped before it's shut and thought 'not this time you little b****'... I came back home and wanted to open the window (cause after this it was too hot for me) and I couldn't do this... Why? Because it was LOCKED. I remember it clearly that i only shut it and this locks are so old that it can't move themselve... I'am afraid to sleep today for myself. Just beacuse it's not first time that i hear o see or feel something here...

'Insidious' was nice but... After I think... 3/4 of the movie? Plot starts to be so childish (main character of the movie had skills to help other one) that i was still remembering disposal door and window... I can't rate this movie because it get right in the middle of some scary situations that was going in my home... I hope none of 'my' ghosts gonna kill me so i can tommorow, at last, read your posts...

PS. I don't have any Mohawk's cemetaries below my home, cause it's f****** Poland... Slav's didn't like those teritories either. So what's going on here?! >_< damned...

czwartek, 21 lipca 2011

That's just f*** incredible... after 15minutes I'm kicked out from 2 tournaments... how? PartyPoker, almost full starting stack. got AA. one guy raised to 4bb, next guy checked, I re-raised to 21,5bb. both calls. flop was 2J4, two hearts. Both guys checked, i pushed all-in to secure my Aces. Original raiser calls, second guy folded. So what i saw? that OR raised and calls 3bet with 24o. So ok, he have two pairs but I have still chances for third A. i got it. on the river. but there was 4 hearts on board, and this fish had 4h -_-

Poker 770 wasn't better. First major hand i lost AQ vs KK. Happens. Decent hand gets on monster pocket. Had only 150chips left and was waiting on really good hand. Got QQ, went all-in, one guy calls... Shown 66. And if any of you want to tell me that it wasn't bad luck that i have all my life then i don;t know what was that. Flop - JJ6, guy flopped full house and that was over... Damn...

perfect illustration for what i see todays freerol session and how i feel...

I'm sorry that i was not posting, but yesterday and today i was mainly out home. Still my luck (or lack of luck) is pissing me of. Few minutes ago i've ended playing Poker Strategy freerol on Everest poker. I was in Top10 for a few minutes when I played one hand too cautious so my opponent got higher pair on river, and two hands later I lost AKo after one moron pushed his whole stack at the board center. he had A2o. And he got this f**** 2... -_- 2/3 of my stack flew away. after this i got some pocket pairs but flop was obviously not for me so my stack was melting. Last hand I got A10s so i got all-in. And here's my luck. guy behind me had AA. Flop 3 3 10, then 6 and last card A. Happens. Similar situation was two days ago, same freerol, same room. Nice stack, two bad beats and all-in with decent hand but then I was beaten by guy with trash hand.

Gonna play today two more freerolls on Party Poker and one Poker Strategy freerol on Poker 770. I think I like Poker 770. After I won this 1.6$ I played 3 sessions of cash games and now i have ~4.3$ Maybe not so much but at least didn't lost monster hands at tricky flops with no brainers...

wtorek, 19 lipca 2011

I see that some people want to learn poker but don't read all posts (; In the first post was a refferal link to the worlds largest poker school. There's one great thing about this site. If you pass quiz (it's simple. 20 questions, 120 minutes and you have all materials with answers that you must only find) you get 50$ free to play on one of their partner pokerrooms. There are many people that never deposited their funds and now are playing poker for living. Just because they get this bonus.

So here's the link:


Enjoy, and may Ace be with you! :P

PS. Forgot to mention... US players excluded...

poniedziałek, 18 lipca 2011

Today I played 3 freerols. 2 ended on busting semi-bluffs (damned draws...) and one when a donk kicked me out again. Those people are really annoying. I'm still thinking about playing two more, but after weekend i don't feel fit to play so much. Still on hangover and getting bored with everything.

I just found nice vid. usually i feel like this guy xP

PS. thanks Sub-Radar-Mike for help with posting this vid [;

piątek, 15 lipca 2011

At last! My first final table. Today was the day when on Poker770 were playing people that were not counting on luck but on their skill. 3,5h and I won 1,6$. Of course lost AKs. AcKc vs pocket 10. Got flush draw on turn but... Nevermind. I'm happy even of 10th place (;

I can now start playing cash on this room (; I think that this win was sponsored by Neon (; All the time I was listening to track from his blog. It gave me right mindset :P Thanks Neon!

So from now on Track of the Day is:

Pendulum - Set me on fire