czwartek, 21 lipca 2011

I'm sorry that i was not posting, but yesterday and today i was mainly out home. Still my luck (or lack of luck) is pissing me of. Few minutes ago i've ended playing Poker Strategy freerol on Everest poker. I was in Top10 for a few minutes when I played one hand too cautious so my opponent got higher pair on river, and two hands later I lost AKo after one moron pushed his whole stack at the board center. he had A2o. And he got this f**** 2... -_- 2/3 of my stack flew away. after this i got some pocket pairs but flop was obviously not for me so my stack was melting. Last hand I got A10s so i got all-in. And here's my luck. guy behind me had AA. Flop 3 3 10, then 6 and last card A. Happens. Similar situation was two days ago, same freerol, same room. Nice stack, two bad beats and all-in with decent hand but then I was beaten by guy with trash hand.

Gonna play today two more freerolls on Party Poker and one Poker Strategy freerol on Poker 770. I think I like Poker 770. After I won this 1.6$ I played 3 sessions of cash games and now i have ~4.3$ Maybe not so much but at least didn't lost monster hands at tricky flops with no brainers...

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